[SAMURAI-ZOROYE] is a basic three-piece set of <HAKAMA>, <DOUGI> and <OBI>.


They are functional and easy to act, simple to wear and care, in the meantime you can enjoy authentic Samurai style. It is the best item as starter set.

[SAMURAI-ZOROYE] is well accepted by, heavy user who spend every day with wearing [SAMURAI-ZOROYE], and beginners and foreigners who wish to wear Hakama but without knowing what to prepare.

[PHOTO:士揃ヱ] [PHOTO:士揃ヱ]

Also, using highly selected, easy to care materials like cotton or polyester are its characteristics as well. Texture of the materials are natural, and most of the coordination are in stodgy and chuff atmosphere so that Hakama style Wafuku, [SAMURAI-ZOROYE], are just fit for daily clothes. There is a top and bottom paired [SAMURAI-ZOROYE] in same material <HAKAMA> and <DOUGI>. [SAMURAI-ZOROYE] can be used as Suits.


[SAMURAI-ZOROYE] fits together with our original ingenuity items which anybody can easily wear well in style. <HAKAMA>, patented, easy to wear and hardly lose shape, <DOUGI>, a functional Kimono for Hakama with string and slit, and <OBI>, single layer belt easy to tie up, three items are combined. Also, detachable additional collar is included in <DOUGI>.

How to wear video movie is distributed at YouTube so that it can be checked anywhere.