Most of the people are wondering how <WAZI-HASODE> is designed.

<WAZI-HASODE> in plane looks like Haori with large wing like sleeves, but when this patented <WAZI-HASODE> is carried on the shoulder with unbuttoned, its unique aspect of ever-changing elegant drapes has appeared. Furthermore, ingenuity for ease of use is made at side pocket etc.

[PHOTO:和慈羽袖] [PHOTO:和慈羽袖]

Large sleeves, flow over side to side or rolling the body up loosely, ferment multihued worldview in combination with textile feeling. Like, noble gracefulness, exotic mood like nomads, or solemnly priests. Wearing <WAZI-HASODE> is, wearing an atmosphere.

Individual personality creates a limitless dressing style with joy.

<WAZI-HASODE> arrangement:
1. Simply wear as Haori
2. Mantle style: wrap sleeves around the neck like Shawl (right sleeve to left shoulder, left sleeve to right shoulder, or put both sleeves crossed as you like)
3. Sleeveless Haori style: Roll up sleeves and wear (In this case, right sleeve to right shoulder, left sleeve to left shoulder, then flip sleeves in back like mantle)

[PHOTO:和慈羽袖] [PHOTO:和慈羽袖] [PHOTO:和慈羽袖] ONLINE SHOP : 和慈羽袖 / WAZI-HASODE