Hakama is a symbolic icon of Samurai style wearing when at war battle or attending at the castle. Even nowadays, Hakama is used for martial arts such as Iaido or Kendo, or used as ceremonial costume at important or wedding ceremony.


Hakama by [WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA] is the one of a kind in its shape. Customized for modern people, whose physical attribute or life style is different from old days, [WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA] has developed new Hakama based on the Samurai’s one. [WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA]'s Hakama gets a favorable reception even from first Hakama wearing people. Because it is horse riding style similar to pants, and not only it has a fastener in front and stiches on pleats, but also it has string with waist size adjustable clasp and exercise its ingenuity for back support plate, so that it is functional Hakama with easy to wear and hard to untidy. [WAZIGEN-SHIZUKYA] activity has started from this development, and it has patented in 2011.


Because Wafuku has large sleeves, hence upper body shape becomes a voluminous look, it is therefore imperative to have spread shape Hakama on the bottom to keep steady silhouette. Spreading silhouette created in wearing Hakama makes an imagination of the foot of Mt. Fuji or stone wall of the Castle. It is accommodated with Japanese spiritual base and indispensable item for Wafuku since old times. And because of the Hakama is a battle uniform for Samurai, it has great mobility and it is exceptionally functional in comparison with Kimono.

[WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA]’s symbolized item, Hakama has 2 kinds of style at this moment, one is [SHITATARI] and the other is [SAMURAI ZOROYE]. Their design is bit different.


[SAMURAI ZOROYE] Hakama is focused in easy maintenance and energetic activity, on the contrary, [SHITATARI] Hakama, using the selected high-quality materials and distinctive color patterns, is focused in elegant design and eye filling silhouette, appears at the side slit and more.