The <KANAMEDAMA> series is a powerful finish typical of our shop, and is designed with consideration for the men's comfort and strength. This is a special item that goes well with [HAKAMA-SHIKI]. Each one is handmade by a bead artist.


At the beginning of the store's opening, there were only <KANAME-DAMA> (Hook), that’s used with <WAZI-HASODE> and HAORI, but many excellent works that had a good reputation were produced. In particular, the <KANAME-DAMA> (Clip) was developed by our shop as an accessory to fasten in front of the <HOODROBE> and <ZINPARKA>.
It is popular if you can put it any positions, on anything, as many as you like. There are a variety of beads used as the material, and it is popular among women of excellent taste.

[PHOTO:かなめ玉] [PHOTO:かなめ玉]

In addition to Clips and Hooks, necklaces, bracelets, and other powerful accessories are appearing one after another. If you put a large necklace around your neck, it looks like a rosary of a mountain priest.