[WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA] is seeking for [HAKAMA-SHIKI], Hakama style Wafuku.

[HAKAMA-SHIKI], invented uniquely on the basic of Samurai’s Hakama, is modern style Wafuku designed for modern person who has different physical attribute and life-style than older days, and all items coordinated around it.

By the patented enhancement of functionality yet shape loss preventing technique and unique figure which makes wearing style beautiful, [HAKAMA-SHIKI] is the “Next Generation Samurai Style” with no cumbersome fitting.

In Japanese history, on the contrary to past 150 years suffered with several war after Meiji Period, Samurai had created peaceful over 200 years without war. In Hakama which is Samurai’s daily wear, several spiritual base, thought and creed, and functionality of Samurai should be implanted.

In current days, commercial side like following fashion is only focused, but fundamentally speaking, clothes are the reflection of geographic climate, age and gender, segment of society, occupation, thought, and creed. Instead, clothes are advanced as one of tools which disclose the status symbol and the post of person itself.

[WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA] is outputting [HAKAMA-SHIKI] is not so called “Kimono”. Even in Wasoh (Japanese Cloth Style), until Edo Period where distinguished status separation exists, Hakama, standardizing by Samurai (as bureaucrat and governor who is governing appanage) Wafuku culture, and others like town or farmer-oriented “Kimono” (long length clothes) culture is clearly and strictly separated. Of course, clothing culture of governor side becomes main stream, and taking off to other area.

But because of the rapid westernization in clothing after Meiji Period, inherited variety of Wasoh culture was flung away so that only extreme Wafuku had remained. Especially, Samurai’s cloth culture was drastically wiped away.

Withdrawing the wrong perception and giving more than a passing thought to Samurai’s proudly life-style and glorious spiritual base, the essence of lost “Hakama” culture can be extracted, then apply them to modern people whose physical attribute and life-style has been changed from early people. This attempt is [WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA]’s activities. Learning from good old day’s spirit, items which are using best suitable materials and technics for the modern days, are [HAKAMA-SHIKI].

[WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA] is the only one [HAKAMA-SHIKI] brand in Japan. And we will continue introducing from Kyoto the “Next Generation Samurai Style” which keeps distance from authentic general Men’s Kimono.