Stylish and functional [HAKAMA-SHIKI]

[SHITATARI] is the most functional and stylish label in [HAKAMA-SHIKI], a new style Wafuku which [WAZIGEN-SHIZUKUYA] is under unique development.

[PHOTO:したたり] [PHOTO:したたり]

It consists with active and spreading silhouette <HAKAMA>, and, simple design but variety style wearing is possible <KOSODE>, as main items. In addition to make pursuit of the functionality of comfortableness, we are striving to achieve the ideal Hakama style in considering the <WAFUKU> originated advantage, such as easy to fold.

Although it is simple to wear, it is designed in consideration of modern people’s physical attribute and posture, elegant presence will complete when user wear it. Its silhouette is simple but glorious.


Also, one of its characteristics is, [SHITATARI] is made up with unique and highly selected clothing material. Not only appearance or texture of material, but also water repellency, lightness, translucency, warmness and wrinkle-resistant, material specialty is also welcomed for making consideration even in small points depend upon seasonal change.