'22 Winter Collection

〈 General Order Period 〉Start !

'22 Winter Collection

The English translation page for this collection is complete!!

We also started taking orders at the ONLINE SHOP.

Thank you for always viewing our Four Seasons collection. The Four Seasons collection is made to order as “Samurai Haute Couture” at a sewing factory specializing in Hakama-Shiki. After the approximately 10 day ‘order period limited to repeat customers’ ends, we will switch to the  ‘general order period’ and start taking orders at the ONLINE SHOP. See the collection page above.
There are already some sold out items. Thank you.


FOUR SEASONS / Samurai Haute Couture

This Winter Collection, features winter outerwear. From the manly manly ‘Mantle’ and ‘Inverness Cape’, to ‘Wazi-Hasode’ for its versatile styling, and ‘Hoodrobe’ and ‘Zin-Parka’, which have become synonymous with our shop, our shop’s unique range of items includes, of course, the standard Hakama-Shiki outfit ‘Shitatari’. With the arrival of outerwear, which can be said to be the best part of winter dressing, the retro feel and elegant silhouette will be expanded and the styling will stand out even more manly.

In addition, each item was tailored with an ingenious “Samurai Haute Couture” touch. Hakama-Shiki’s outer ‘cloak’, which uses fabric lavishly, is very luxurious compared to modern clothing outerwear, which has an efficient design with reduced fabric. On top of that, boa and fur are used in just the right place, different materials are used depending on the part, or the entire piece is made of a ‘double face’ material, combining a number of unique and high-quality materials to create an impressive look with exquisite technique. The effective fabric decoration, the contrast between the simple outer fabric and the avant-garde lining, and the striking ‘different colors on the left and right’ are all products you can’t miss. Of course, you can also see the classic, elaborate workmanship, beautiful draping and other solid sewing techniques in the detail images.

Then, enjoy the masculine and distinctive “Samurai Haute Couture/Cloak style”.

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