How to wear SAMURAI-ZOROYE ver.2


Published a new video!

We have released a new video of how to wear [SAMURAI-ZOROYE ver.2]. Please watch it.
In [SAMURAI-ZOROYE ver.2], we changed the model of a design fully. The straps and waist area of the hakama have been improved to make it simple to wear.

In addition, we release the video of NINJA style. Please watch it too.
We added NINJA style, therefore mobility became higher.


[SAMURAI-ZOROYE] is a basic three-piece set of <HAKAMA>, <DOUGI> and <OBI>.
You can enjoy functional and authentic Samurai style. Able to wear in a short time, simple to care and fully sensible, and also, hardly loose shape. It also has a function to fasten the bottom edge of <HAKAMA> like NINJA. Everything you need is included so it is the best item as starter set.

[SAMURAI-ZOROYE] is well accepted by, heavy user who spend every day with wearing [SAMURAI-ZOROYE], and beginners and foreigners who wish to wear Hakama but without knowing what to prepare.

Also, using highly selected, easy to care materials like cotton or polyester are its characteristics as well. Texture of the materials are natural, and most of the coordination are in stodgy and chuff atmosphere so that Hakama style Wafuku, [SAMURAI-ZOROYE], are just fit for daily clothes.

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