SHIZUKUYA updated to '22 MID YEAR [SAMURAI ZOROYE] CATALOG! An embroidery option has been added!!

Thank you for always visiting Shizukuya's collection and [Samurai Zoroye] Catalog.

Thanks to you, the basic line [Samurai Zoroye] is popular among a wide range of people because it is easy to handle even for beginners. Hakama, Dougi, and Obi are set up to coordinate "Hakama-Shiki". Hakama and Dougi, which are made of highly functional materials that are comfortable to wear and hard to wrinkle, have been newly introduced in this [Samurai Zoroye] Catalog. We have been updated to the [Samurai Zoroye] Catalog with a lineup of new total coordinates that are easy to use in daily life, while being worn with a proper and authentic look.

In addition, we have added the option of embroidering the pattern on Dougi this time. The embroidery pattern is the stamp pattern that Oda Nobunaga put on his letter to show his will to command the world. (Oda Nobunaga was a military commander representing the civil war period in Japan.) The embroidery design is full of techniques such as the way to sew three-dimensional threads. The embroidery processing is one of the results of the shift of Shizukuya's production system to "Samurai Haute Couture" by the establishment of a specialized sewing shop for "Hakama-Shiki". You can enjoy [Samurai Zoroye] even more by matching it with elaborate embroidery.

About optional processing of "Nobunaga's stamp" embroidery

・This processing option can be additionally selected for all coordinates from "SZMD 22 - 01" to "SZMD 22 - 05" of this '22 Mid Year [Samurai Zoroye] Catalog.
・The embroidery option (large) is a large embroidery with a diameter of about 16 cm, and the processing cost is 8000 yen.
・The embroidery option (small) is a slightly larger embroidery than the family crest of about 7 cm in diameter, and the processing cost is 3000 yen.
・If you choose both large and small embroidery, the processing fee is 10,000 yen.
・Order to add optional processing online shop.
・The color and position of the embroidery will be the same as the sample image. However, if you have any requests about the position of embroidery and thread color, please consult with us separately.
・The embroidery pattern is a three-dimensional design based on the stamp that Nobunaga Oda pressed on his letter.

The new [Samurai Zoroye] also adds embroidery options. How about exploring a new lifestyle while enjoying your unique world view?

About [Samurai-Zoroye]

[Samurai-Zoroye] is a basic three-piece set of Hakama, Dougi and Obi.

The [Samurai-Zoroye] series has all the items necessary for a samurai style set up, and is also the most basic starter set of Hakama-Shiki. Samurai-Zoroye consists of three parts: patented Hakama, easy to wear and move Dougi, and easy to tighten Obi. Each item is designed with our shop's unique ideas so that anyone can wear it easily. By making dressing as simple as possible, you can easily enjoy authentic Wafuku (traditional japanesefashion) in various scenes. There is a video of how to wear on YouTube and you can check it anywhere in the world. In addition, the upgraded [[Samurai-Zoroye ver 2] has a function to tie the hem (Ninja style), making it even more mobile.