SHIZUKUYA has released

[SAMURAI ZOROYE] is popular among a wide range of people as it has all the necessary items for coordination set up and is a basic line that is easy to handle even for beginners. In order to make the [SAMURAI ZOROYE] line even more comfortable to wear, the design has been completely redesigned as [SAMURAI ZOROYE] ver2. [SAMURAI ZOROYE] ver2 pursues a simpler way of wearing by simplifying the front body and front straps of the Hakama and improving the back plate, and has evolved more practically. In addition, the ability to tie the hem (Ninja style) has been added, making it much more mobile.

The [SAMURAI ZOROYE], which was upgraded by adding new functions, has been well received by users since its launch, and was almost sold out in the previous announcement. Please enjoy the total coordination of HAKAMA-SHIKI.

About [Samurai-Zoroye]

[Samurai-Zoroye] is a basic three-piece set of Hakama, Dougi and Obi.

The [Samurai-Zoroye] series has all the items necessary for a samurai style set up, and is also the most basic starter set of Hakama-Shiki. Samurai-Zoroye consists of three parts: patented Hakama, easy to wear and move Dougi, and easy to tighten Obi. Each item is designed with our shop's unique ideas so that anyone can wear it easily. By making dressing as simple as possible, you can easily enjoy authentic Wafuku (traditional japanesefashion) in various scenes. There is a video of how to wear on YouTube and you can check it anywhere in the world. In addition, the upgraded [[Samurai-Zoroye ver 2] has a function to tie the hem (Ninja style), making it even more mobile.