[士揃ヱ V3] 型録 “廿参丿零弐”


SZCL 23-02


柔らかな肌触りのサージの胴着と 上品なツイルの袴とのコーディネートは、上下をグレーの濃淡でまとめて、端正な雰囲気が醸し出される。
ライトグレーの胴着は、丈夫で実用的な梳毛の綾織物で仕立てています。 以前 別色で仕立てた際にも、高級感があると好評だったので、今回は気品漂うライトグレーの色目で。 緩くストレッチを効かせた柔らかな風合いに加え、適度なハリと落ち感があるので、仕立て映えがします。 控えめだが、とても上品な質感なのです。 しかも、緻密で丈夫なポリエステル素材なので、洗濯等のメンテナンスにも気を遣わずに済み、普段使いに向いているから最高です。
一方、グレーの和士袴は、控えめな光沢感が上品な印象の綾織で、丈夫な素材感。 軽めなのに、シワが寄りにくくて、実用的な袴に仕上がっています。 ハリのある風合いで、ヒダの保持性も良好。 当然、裾を絞った「出立括り」でも、立体的で上品な造形美を見せてくれます。

The coordination between the soft touch serge Dougi and the elegant twill Hakama combines the tops and bottoms in shades of gray for a neat look.
The light gray Dougi is made of sturdy and practical worsted twill fabric. When it was made in a different color before, it was popular for its high quality, so this time, it was made in an elegant light gray color. In addition to the soft texture with a loose stretch effect, it has a moderate firmness and draping, so it is tailored well. It is modest but very elegant. Moreover, it is made of fine and strong polyester material, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance such as washing, and it is perfect for daily use.
In addition, the khaki color on the detachable inner collar attached to Dougi adds a natural looking. You are grateful that it is easy to complete the outfit without wearing inner clothing.
On the other hand, The gray Hakama is a twill weave with a modern luster and an elegant impression, and has a strong texture. It’s light, but wrinkle-resistant, making it a practical Hakama. The firm texture has good retention of folds. Needless to say, even the “Ninja style” with the hem tightened shows off the three-dimensional and elegant beauty of the form.
This simple Hakama and Dougi combination has an air of elegance and can be worn to semi-formally.
The navy and gray Obi of Shizukuya’s crest weave pattern, which can be seen slightly on the side, created a calm image.

[ Samurai-Zoroye ver.3] Catalog ’23 より

Material〈和士袴〉ポリエステル 100%
〈胴着〉ポリエステル 100%
〈単ヱ帯〉ポリエステル 100%
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