Shizukuya 15th Anniversary Limited Collection

Shizukuya has released
“15th Anniversary Special Edition” !

Shizukuya celebrated its 15 year anniversary last March. Starting with the SPRING COLLECTION, which was announced at the same time as the 15 year anniversary, the WINTER COLLECTION was released at the end of last year, and the annual schedule went around and all the announcements were finished. We will announce limited models there to commemorate our 15 year anniversary.

Last year was a very difficult year as the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection caused worldwide confusion. But whether a disaster strikes or it is the 15 year anniversary, our shop's only job is to develop and produce "Hakama-Shiki". Our shop designs almost all items from scratch with a unique world view, and many standard products such as Hakama, Kosode, and Wazi-hasode have been patented. Therefore, the materials used require special effects and the number of craftsmen who can produce them is limited. In short, it is not easy to outsource manufacturing. If the production in our shop stops, our shop's original "Hakama-Shiki" will stop. By the way, the reason our shop has applied for a patent is because it means "insurance" in case the production of Hakama-Shiki is interrupted for several generations. Therefore, the mission of Shizukuya is to continue creating "Hakama-Shiki".

The Corona disaster has significantly reduced the number of events that showcase new titles to users. Nevertheless, customers from overseas and interested young people are still visiting Kyoto shop. We are really grateful. Since its inception, Shizukuya has focused on "business" rather than "product development" and "selling" rather than "making". Considering the current situation, We think it will be difficult to hold events outside the store like before. (For the time being, the new collection will be displayed only on the website, and the actual exhibition will be limited to Kyoto shop.) Today, all people around the world are restricted in their physical economic activities and their social bonds. For our shop, which has not put much emphasis on sales, it is no exaggeration to say that the only bond with the world is "Hakama-Shiki". That's why we promise that Shizukuya will continue to devote even more effort to the development and production of "Hakama-Shiki". We hope that you will continue to pay attention to us and continue to connect our bonds into the future.

By the way, our shop's standard "Hakama-Shiki" is clothes that are easy to wear on a daily basis.

Last year, in commemoration of be housed in the V & A Museum (London), the coordination made of the same Kamiko and linen natural materials as the collections was announced as "V & A LIMITED EDITION".

Therefore, this time, we have changed the idea and produced a coordinate of shape memory material which is very convenient for daily use as "15 th Anniversary Special Edition". This Hakama, Kosode, and Hoodrobe is made with an original shape memory material that has been adjusted the color of the weaving thread many times. Naturally, there is a limit to the amount of shape-memory material woven for this purpose, so it is a limited product.

In addition, we will sew a tag embroidered your name on these "15th Anniversary Special Edition" and deliver it to you. It is recommended for heavy users who use "Hakama-Shiki" as a daily item, and also for those who want a special 1 piece.

For the 15 year anniversary, the masterpieces that Shizukuya worked on for 1 year are lined up. I ’ m looking forward to these "Hakama-Shiki" being worn by users as one of my favorite items.