SHIZUKUYA has released

This autumn collection includes a variety of elaborately designed items made of various materials and techniques. Decoration made with rhinestones and Gobelin weaving. Dyed and film print on the sleeves and collar. It is made of a wide variety of fabrics, from Dobby weave and tweed fabrics to knitted and crepe fabrics. It is tailored to make use of techniques such as Step & switching fabric, and Left and right different colors. These materials and techniques have been incorporated into various items unique to our shop such as Hakama, Kosode, Hoodrobe, Wazi-Hasode and Mantle.

The lineup will continue to expand the enjoyment of coordinating and dressing more than expected, and you won't get tired of it until the end.

These colorful HAKAMA-SHIKI will invite you to the season of plenty.