Samurai Haute Couture / Hand-painted printing on '22 Spring Collection!

SHIZUKUYA has released '22 SPRING COLLECTION. Thank you for always visiting [FOUR SEASONS] from the Shizukuya collection.

First of all, from this [Four Seasons] Spring Collection, we migrated completely to the production on order system, which is called "Samurai Haute Couture". From now on, we will set the order period limited to repeat customers for about 2 weeks right after the collection is announced. After that, the General order period starts. Please refer to the [Samurai Haute Couture page] for details of the production on order system.

The first Samurai Haute Couture, the [Four Seasons] '22 Spring Collection, features [UKIYO-SHINOGI], a label tailored using special processing techniques and rare materials. This time, we mainly have items with Hand-painted printing. Now let's take a look at Hand-painted printing.

Hand-painted printing is a technique in which pigments (or dyes developed by mordant dyeing) are painted directly on the cloth surface, printed, and stamped, rather than being dipped in a dye and dyed in a bath as in general dyeing, and it is a processing method in which this is literally done by hand. The possibilities of Hand-painted printing are limitless compared to Silk screen printing and Inkjet printing, which are common printing processes. Of course, there are limits on screen size for Silk screen printing and machine size for Inkjet printing, but no-limit for Hand-painted printing. It is also possible to draw large-scale landscapes on a large cloth width, as in the mantle described in FSPC22-01 below. In addition, Silk screen printing and Inkjet printing pass through mechanical devices and cannot be expressed on uneven surfaces or steps such as seams or pleats. On the other hand, hand-painted printing can be done in any material condition, so if you look at the hakama of FSPC22-02, its excellence will be obvious. You can also use pinpoint colors regardless of the location. In addition, the infinite number of colors is another advantage of hand-painted printing. Silk screen printing can only represent a specific color on each screen, and Inkjet printing can only represent a specific color. Hand-painted printing, on the other hand, is like a painting: it can be painted in layers. In other words, an infinite number of colors can be represented by overlapping color cellophanes. By itself, you can see that hand-painted printing is an unlimited expressive technique that far surpasses Silk screen printing and Inkjet printing.

However, because Hand-painted printing is done by hand, it is difficult to copy patterns, and there is a natural weakness that it cannot be mass-produced. In short, it is a processing method suitable for making one-of-a-kind works, and not a technique suitable for making products. However, this time, the lineup was established because the skilled skills of the craftsmen who have cultivated the skills for many years were able to overcome the problems. In other words, even though it is hand-painted, it is reproduced to the same level as mass production. Specifically, they draw patterns by drawing with a brush, printing, or applying colors with a special pattern paper. In addition, since it uses a pigment mixed with a special fixing agent of acrylic resin, it can be fixed to the cloth at the same time as painting. (In general, there is a process to fix it after the dyeing process.) Thanks to the accumulation of skills over the years, the color fastness is also high.

Of course, there is a slight difference in the pattern since it is done by hand, but it is also an artistic textile. (The color fastness is certain, but since it is pigment dyed, it tends to be weak against wet friction. Dry cleaning is not allowed.)

With these various technologies, there is a live feeling that cannot be produced by printing using a mechanical device, such as blurring, dynamic change of expression, and touch of a brush, and a richness pattern peculiar to Hand-painted printing is produced.

This Spring Collection makes full use of this Hand-painted printing technique to create an even richer and more unique look than ever before, and features a variety of items. It would be great if you could see the details of the detailed image.

Then, enjoy the "Samurai Haute Couture" in spring.