HAKAMA-SHIKI is housed in the V & A Museum (United Kingdom) !

The coordinates in the collection announced by our shop last year is housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum (Abbreviated V & A), a national museum in England. And it was decided to be exhibited for the first time at the exhibition 'KIMONO: Kyoto to Catwalk' which will be held for about 4 months from February 29 to June 21 in 2020. In this exhibition, it will be displayed as a form of modern Japanese fashion, along with rare Edo period kimono and costumes based on Japanese clothing from the movie Star Wars.

We feel very honored that it has been preserved for many years in prestigious museums overseas. It is a great honor for HAKAMA-SHIKI, who was born in our shop, to be recorded as the essence of a drop in the history of Japanese clothes in a distant foreign land. (By the way, SHIZUKU of SHIZUKUYA means drop in Japanese.)

This year marks the 15 year anniversary of our shop's founding.

Now, our shop's HAKAMA-SHIKI is clothes you can enjoy wearing.

In commemoration of the V & A Museum's collection, we will reproduce 4 sets of the same KOSODE and HAKAMA coordinates as the ones in the collection, and present them as V & A Collection Memorial Model.

In addition to KOSODE and HAKAMA, items housed in the V & A Museum also include ROBE of KAMIKO. However, it is impossible to reproduce ROBE of KAMIKO. Of course, KOSODE and HAKAMA have limited materials, so the reproduction is limited to 4 sets.

In addition, WAZIBAN will be added as a special gift to V & A Collection Memorial Model as an undergarment for KOSODE as a token of our gratitude.

V & A Collection Memorial Model is an extravagant project that allows you to wear coordination that will be preserved permanently in the museum. Please enjoy the supreme HAKAMA-SHIKI!